Mike, 25, NY

And if I told you I loved you would it make you wanna stay…

Would it ever be enough to make you wanna stay?


Damn it I miss you… !!! It’s a good thing

Alter ego…

Probably LP for the weekend

Why is celebrating your birthday so much stress. This I why I’d prefer not to do anything.

Rise Against

Rise Against kicks ass. Just saying.

Some things are there forever

My first bike. I’m happy about this.

My first bike. I’m happy about this.


I hear lyrics and I relate to sings about the ghetto. I just took a few minutes to reflect on the “struggle” or hard times I’ve had. I had some rough times. People had it worse than I did growing up, that’s what helped kept me from feeling sorry for myself.

I thought of some bad times and had to focus on them hard to remember things. I have built the blocks in because I don’t want to focus on these things. As I grow older and things go well for me, more and more people seem to think “ah must to be nice to have that easy life”.

Well fuck that, I worked to get here. I certainly didn’t have it the worst growing up. But that doesn’t mean it was easy. I got through. I mentioned that to my dad the other day. “That’s what we worked for” I said. He somewhat choked up. I almost cried. But it’s true.

I am where I am and act the way I do because of my whole life. I would change nothing. Even the hard parts.

Thank you mom and dad.

A Fox Steals A Man’s Golf Ball And Has The Time O…:

I’ll always be there for her.